Anergy’s Values

February 25, 2020

Our values guide our behaviour towards our colleagues and our clients. It also governs our behaviour as a Company. By living our values, we set our standards high and contribute our best to achieve success for ourselves and for Anergy.


Client Care

  • Our Clients are our lifeline. We direct our energies to care and fulfil our service obligations to them through our high degree of operational efficiency and delivering quality and value in our services.
  • We are always alert, responsive and dedicated to our Clients’ needs and interests, and shall be prepared to expect and deal effectively with the unexpected, within reason and our abilities & means.


  • We are committed to improve the quality of our services by embracing the practice of total quality management. We will change and adapt where necessary, striving always to add value and deliver quality for our business partners and for ourselves.
  • We shall strive to achieve the highest standards by avoiding the average. We will achieve this through process excellence, skills enhancement of our people and a high degree of self-discipline, planning, commitment and involvement at all levels of the organisation.
  • We aim to provide a safe working environment minimizing health and safety risks by employing appropriate technologies and operating policies & procedures


  • We take pride in our daily work and are committed to our high standards of services. We work with each other as a team to contribute and perform to the best of our abilities to achieve the results expected of us.
  • Our Clients trust us with their properties. We can be relied upon to exercise care, deliver on our promises and fulfill our daily service obligations.
  • We shall provide opportunities for skill enhancement and help our employees to achieve job satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment and provide growth opportunities based on individual initiative, ability and effort.


  • We will always act with integrity, honesty and professionalism towards our Clients and fellow employees.
  • We apply the highest standards of moral soundness and compliance at all times. This is our behavioural standard. We shall not compromise it.


  • We engage and collaborate with all stakeholders to achieve common goals.
  • We shall foster relationships of mutual respect and trust with our Clients and with each other.
  • We will establish formal and informal channels of engagement centered on open and friendly communication and encourage staff participation and involvement at all levels to contribute to Anergy’s success.

Social Responsibility

  • We acknowledge our privileged position to contribute as a good corporate citizen by adopting socially responsible practices which support societal causes and the environment. We will embrace the following principles to live this value in the Company:
    • Participate in community development or life support programs to care for the less fortunate in our community and provide opportunities to promote the educational betterment of Singapore students.
    • Make social responsibility an integral part of our business strategy and an important criterion in investment decisions.
    • Influence wherever possible, a greater consciousness towards the social responsibility by our Clients and other Stakeholders.
    • Exercise environmental friendliness in our daily endeavors by minimizing waste, improve efficiency of energy and resource utilization, select and use nature-based products wherever possible and promote the use of recycled and recyleable material.