Working at Height: Safety Focused External Facade and High Rise Building Cleaning Services

Anergy is well-known as a provider for high rise & external facade cleaning services to condominiums, commercial office buildings, industrial complexes and more. Our highly skilled and qualified team do not compromise on safety whilst getting the job done thoroughly.

We offer a comprehensive range of access methods to tackle any cleaning requirement regardless of height.


Our Safety Measures

Our operators for high rise and external façade services are properly trained and certified with the relevant certifications in Singapore.

  • Boom operators are certified “boom lift operators” and trained in Work @ Height.
  • Licensed Scaffold Erectors and Supervisors ensure that all safety measures are adhered to before the start of any projects.
  • Rope Access Technicians are trained in Work @ Height and are IRATA Certified.
  • Before the commencement of any project, our Project Manager will conduct a Risk Assessment and review the work instructions to ensure the correct development of equipment and adopt appropriate technology to improve productivity and efficiency of work.
  • During the execution of work, a Project Executive will be present to conduct safety briefings, ensure that only qualified technicians are deployed, the correct tools and equipment are used and supervise the project according to the work instructions.

Our Methods of Access

1. Boom Lift

2. Scaffold

3. Gondola

4. Rope Access Technician

Choosing the Right Method of Access

Choosing the right method of access when performing your building facade cleaning depends on several factors.

Click here to learn more about the different methods of access to help you determine which method would work best for your building facade cleaning.

Finding the Right Building Facade Cleaning Service Provider

Looking for the right building facade cleaning service provider that can accommodate your building requirements can be quite tricky at times due to every building having it’s own unique characteristics.

Click here for our quick and handy guide to find the right building facade cleaning service provider.

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