How to Clean High & Out of Reach Areas Effectively

October 12, 2023

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment can be tricky at times, this can be due to several factors such as whether the space is located indoors or outdoors, accessibility of the space and also the various structures or furniture located within the space.

What If There Are High Level Spaces Which Are Hard To Clean?

Traditionally, cleaning high level spaces would mean either using a ladder or even getting a scissor lift or boom lift for spaces where ladders cannot reach.

When using such equipment, there is the risk of falling from heights and a Work at Height permit might even be required. Additionally, extra manpower might be required for the work to be performed safely.

At times, the access to the space to be cleaned might also be narrow and would not allow the proper deployment of a ladder, much less a scissor lift and creative solutions might be needed to do the high level cleaning. One such traditionally used method would be to tie a feather duster to the end of a long pole then to perform the cleaning. However, this only dislodges the dust and dirt from the high level cleaning and another round of cleaning is required to sweep or vacuum the dirt on the floor.

Is There A Safer And More Efficient Way To Perform Such High Level Cleaning?

Anergy Building Services is delighted to bring in a new piece of equipment, the SpaceVac, which enables our cleaners to perform high level cleaning of up to 15 meters efficiently and safely from the ground floor.

Some of the advantages when using the SpaceVac are as below,

  • Easily portable and quick to set-up and disassemble;
  • Very light and maneuverable;
  • Can reach narrow and difficult to reach areas with ease;
  • Can clean a wide variety of spaces and corners using the various attachments and brush ends;
  • Extendable reach of up to 15 meters, which allows the operator to use it on the ground floor;
  • Sucks dirt and debris away directly using a vacuum;
  • Lowers costs by removing the need to rent a scissor lift;
  • Work at Height permit not required;
  • No ladders required;
  • Lesser manpower required to perform the cleaning service;


The SpaceVac enables the team to carry out high level periodic cleaning efficiently and quickly, being able to be deployed at multiple areas within the same project site in a single day.

Before and after cleaning

For areas where line of sight cannot be established, a wireless video camera and screen can be attached to allow the operator to view the process in real time.

SpaceVac with Camera

Contact us to see how your estate can benefit from the deployment of the SpaceVac for your periodic cleaning needs.