“Covid-19 is not just seasonal”

Source: WHO

The quickest way to stop the spread of harmful pathogens is to break the “chain of infection”.
This can be done through regular disinfection.

Source: MOH

As a listed NEA disinfection services provider, we understand your needs and requirements for disinfection services. Regular disinfection of commonly touched surfaces or those which are at high risk of contamination from viruses and pathogens should be done to protect you and your loved ones.

Source: NEA 

For work environments, having regular disinfection is part of a system of safe management measures required by businesses to protect their employees and strengthen resilience against any further disruptions due to COVID-19.

Source: MOH

Why use Anergy for your Disinfection needs?

Our teams are well-trained, qualified and experienced in disinfection services. We provide disinfection services for preventive or confirmed infection cases for all premises.


Non-toxic & Highly Effective disinfectant used

  • Listed service provider by Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA)
  • Highly effective in bacteria & virus elimination
  • Non-toxic & non-corrosive
  • Environmentally friendly

The disinfectant is tested by our suppliers and found to be effective in eliminating a broad spectrum of pathogens such as Staphylococcus Aureus and Pseudomonas Aeroginosa and is widely used in both cleansing and disinfection.

Quick Response Time

We understand the importance of a fast response when it comes to providing disinfection services.

Simply inform us of the type of disinfection required, together with your address, floor area and preferred time and date of disinfection and we will get back to you within the next 24 hours or less for the confirmation.

Your Safety is our #1 concern

Before the start of any disinfection service, we will brief you on the entire process.

Full Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) will be donned by our Disinfection Specialists during the disinfection service for the safety of both you and our workforce.

Experienced & Well-trained Workforce

Our certified Disinfection Specialists are experienced in performing general disinfection as well as for confirmed Covid-19 cases.

Our Other Disinfection solutions

Regular disinfection packages are available as well!

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